Electric Feel: Ça plane pour moi

Imagine the following: sitting in an airplane, listening to the on-board radio, dreaming but not sleeping  and being somewhere over the Atlantic ocean, counting the 7th hour of a 13 hour direct flight. Lot’s of time to think, lot’s of time to listen to music – and even better: lot’s of time to explore great music!

Listening to the on-board radio of Air France, “Made to stray” by Mount Kimbie immediately caught my attention. For those of you are not so much into this so called “Post-Minimal” sound – you should definitely give it a try, especially the DJ Koze remix is highly recommendable.


BTW: Due to the fact that France is still one of the main exporters of great electronical music, the on-board radio of Air France offers more than Carla Bruni and Vanessa Paradis.

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