Places: Fröken Olssons, Göteborg

Well, nothing against Stockholm – of course, it is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited, but Göteborg is very lovely too and offers quite a lot of beautiful places to live, laugh and love life. Spending a long summer day at the lakes or taking a trip to the archipelagos is a great experience no one should miss. And beside the fact that this is the birth town of great bands such as “the Knife”, “Sally Saphiro”, “Little Dragon” and – last but not least, though so 90’s – “Ace of Base”, it’s also the perfect location for having great breakfast. “Fröken Olssons Kafé” is the number one place to do so. Imagine chatting with your best friends and enjoying some delicious Scones or Pannkakor – yes, that’s just great and the perfect way to spend a foggy Sunday morning in Göteborg – Mmmh Mums, jättebra!

Fröken Olson_2Fröken Olson



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