Top Ten: Cabin Sized Luggage

Travelling – no matter it’s due to private or business reasons – always brings one thing with it: Packing! I know hardly anyone, who really loves packing, cause it always automatically triggers the same questions: What should I take with me? What if I forget something? How can I manage to pack as little as possible and still manage to wear a LOOK?

Over all those years of packing, I kind of came up with a solution, that works out pretty well – so please enjoy my

TOP TEN list of things that definitely shouldn’t be missed whilst travelling for private reasons and fit into your cabin-sized luggage (I am travelling with a Rimowa suitcase, type “Salsa”).TOP TEN - Cabin Sized Luggage

  1. Your favourite pair of Jeans
  2. Knitted Pullover or Cardigan (black, grey, beige – usually these colours go well with Jeans)
  3. Chucks (I prefer white ones, as they fit to a lot of outfits)
  4. Wayfarer’s by Ray Ban (…never get’s out of style)
  5. A Scarf (or even two…one made of cashmere and a thiner version. Favourite brand: Codello).
  6. A white and a grey T-Shirt (grey, cause it’s less sensitive regarding stains and goes well with jeans and the white chucks).
  7. A “going-out” outfit (i.e. a little black dress, nice top…)
  8. A black blazer
  9. Mascara, a darkbrown kohl, a lip balm and moisturizing cream (Favourite: Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream by Clinique)
  10. An additional pair of shoes (black leather pumps and/or sneakers, depending on point 7 on the list)

For those of you wondering, why I didn’t put a toothbrush or toothpast on it – that’s due to the reason, as if you ask your flight attendant, they will bring you one. Please also check out the TOP TEN list of things for Hand luggage


Mango dress

Zara wrap top

Rag Bone pocket shirt

Diesel embroidery jeans
$210 –

Burberry shawl

Ray-Ban tortoise sunglasses

Kiehl s lip treatment

Clinique beauty product

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