Trial and Error: Surfing


What it´s supposed to look like

Remember watching movies like “Point Break” or any other random youth TV series playing in California? Who wouldn´t love to hang out on the beach everyday, waxing one´s surfboard and waiting for the best wave to come. Even better: Ending the day by sitting around the bonfire, playing the guitar and looking into the bright blue eyes of the cute, blonde surferguy…

What it really looks like

I remember trying to learn surfing for the first time in Bali, Indonesia (failed) and giving it another chance at the Pacific Coast of Chile. Given the fact that the Pacific ocean in this area is quite cold (16° C, no matter summer or winter) surfing is a little bit less romantic as I pictured it. Fully dressed (wetsuit) I tried it again and again, until I hit a rock with my foot, hurting myself – Ouch (fail again)!

“Nothing suits me like a (Wet) Suit”…but as everyone knows, a perfect outfit is only complete with shoes. Thus I got the fitting pair of those “Surfer shoes”, deciding to give it another try, until feeling like having spent the whole day long in the washing machine.

Giving it another try?

Not yet, at least switching to “Boogie Boarding” seems to be a good alternative in order to getting to know the rough Pacific Ocean a little bit better. Saltwater Spray for the Beachwaves look should do as well. In the meanwhile I keep on dreaming of the cute, blonde surfer guy (who  – by the way – quite often doesn´t know how to surf properly either, posing around most of the time and waxing his surf board to keep up appearances).

Hang Loose

J Crew g string bikini
45.270 CLP –

Bumble and bumble styling product
10.710 CLP –

Patagonia Women’s R3® Back-Zip Full Wetsuit
349.125 CLP –




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