Trial and Error: Vegan Pancakes

After having had to deal with some stomachache issues, my doctor advised me to try a wheat free diet (meaning not completely gluten free, but eliminating pasta, pizza, white bread, muffins for weeks). It turned out to be successful and besides getting rid of my crazy tummy, a nice side effect was that my energy level reached new levels (no fail!).

As I love Pancake Sundays, I had to look for alternatives to keep this weekly ritual alive and found the perfect recipe on Ella Woodward´s Blog “Deliciously Ella”.

What it´s supposed to look like

Well, the objective was clear: The vegan pancake needs to taste and look like a standard egg-milk-flour-water-salt pancake, without having to spend too much time preparing this little delicious thing.

What it really looked like

The recipe itself seems quite easy and furthermore offers a perfect way to process ripe bananas. Usually one should have everything at home, because the only ingredients needed are two ripe bananas, a cup of oats, water, cinnamon, agave sirup (honey or sugar works as well, whatever you prefer) and a pinch of salt. I left out the flaxseeds and added some chia seeds instead. Find the recipe here: “Deliciously Ella”.

Mixing all the ingredients together in a blender and putting a small portion into a frying pan (I love to cook with coconut oil), turned out perfectly at the very first try. The second time I used too much water and no sparkling one, making the mix way to runny (fail)
-> as described in the recipe, the dough needs to be thick and nice!.

The third time I also added some blueberries and Voilá – Pancake Sunday saved! (no fail)

Copyright by Deliciously Ella, 2013





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