Trial and Error: Smokey Eyes

At first I wasn´t quite sure whether to put this post into the “What to wear” or “Trial and Error” category. As you can see I chose the latter one and I will be very honest with you: Mastering the smokey eye look is a livelong learning experience (going from panda bear eyes, over “You look a little bit sick today”, to the midnight owl look: We have all been there…).

 What it´s supposed to look like

Eyeshadows that are perfectly blended into each other, underlining the nature of one´s eyes and making everyone of your friends saying:”Wow, you look great. You HAVE to show me how to do that smokey eyes thing too, pleassee!”

How it really looked like

After using black and dark-grey eyeshadow always made me look like a little panda bear and simply looking too hard on me (fail, giving the fact that I am a very pale faced person), I was looking for a softer, ready-to-go version of the classic smokey eye look. The right colours, brushes and technique (blending) are the way to success in this case and some hours of researching the internet really helped me to finally master the perfect smokey eyes (no fail). Let me share this tutorial with you and visit the You Tube Channel of Pixiewoo.

Copyright Pixiwoo



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