Places: Brooklyn

When in Williamsburg…

Where to find the best eggs in a bowl, the most charming rooftop bar and simply delicious vietnamese spring rolls.

Wandering around in Williamsburg on a Saturday Morning and desperately looking for the right place to have a decent breakfast, made me stop by at “Summers Brooklyn”. Graving for cold pressed, fresh juice, some Kale/Chickpeas salad or eggs in a bowl? When in Williamsburg, do it like the Williamsburgers…

Summers Brooklyn
155 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY (Metro “Marcy Avenue”)

After taking a walk along the East River bank, a perfect place to enjoy Manhattan’s Skyline whilst having a Brooklyn Lager is the rooftop bar of the “Wythe Hotel”, a former factory with industrial-chic rooms.

The Ides/Wythe Hotel
80 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn, NY

Looking for vintage sunglasses or Luke Skywalker miniature figures from the 80’s? The “Williamsburg Smorgasburg” might be the right place for you – when there, try one of Lucy’s delicious Vietnamese summer spring rolls.

East River State Park (90 Kent N. 7 St.), Brooklyn, NY


Summers Brooklyn, 155 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY
View from the rooftop bar at “the Wythe Hotel”


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