Everything used to be better: Prince and other visionary masterminds

Everything used to be better

Nothing compares 2 U: What to learn from Prince, David, Kurt and other visionary masterminds of the modern music world

What a sad, sad year for true music enthusiasts like me: Still mourning the death of David Bowie and listening more than ever to “Space Oddity” and “Modern Love”, Prince´s Purple Rain now sadly finds its way into the “in memoriam” playlist, honoring another visionary thinker of the late 20th century. If god really exists, he is doing a good job right now putting a great band together up there.

Rockstar deads always make me kind of depressed. I remember the news of Freddie Mercury´s death to be one of my sadest childhood memories (1991), realising for the first time ever, that people no matter how cool and supernatural, are just normal human beings like everybody else. I just turned five and got introduced to a eighties phenomenon formerly known as “MTV” by my older siblings and cousins, waiting for the next Michael Jackson, Queen, Prince or Whitney Houston video to be aired. Yes, I remember these times as the the glory days of pop culture, with artists who defied existing genres, forming completely new trends (Kurt Cobain, I am talking about you), or just were ahead of their time (Prince) (still) influencing thousands of other artists (music, art, fashion) around the world. A time when people used to buy a whole artist´s album and the MTV Music Awards seemed to be more colorful and exciting than they do nowadays (sorry, but these year´s Grammy awards somehow transmitted the impression, that they barley managed to find five nominees for the Rock categories.)

Rock n´Roll is still not dead – but sometimes it seems that this music genre is close to its retirement, preferring to spend more time on the Golf course than on the festival stages of this world. Thus, I couldn´t help but wonder: What´s left of those glory days of Post-Glam-Rock and MTV Magic? And what can we learn from superstars that left us way too early, leaving us back depressed (but thankfully with this tremendously important gift of their great, great music)?

Prince was an autodidact and taught himself to play numerous music instruments. Despite his huge fame, he managed to keep is private life private. He was very hardworking and would never have had allowed himself to be misled by anyone. Other than this music companions, he still managed to impress critics with one of his later albums (Art Oficial Age, 2014)  and last but not least – man, he was one crazy guy who managed to get his shit together and turn all his energy into productivity. Another perfect proof that a certain amout of crazyness won´t harm creativity and even fosters visionary thinking. What are you waiting for?




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