Career: Death by Power Point Vol. 2

Death by power point


How to turn a Workshop into something entertaining

(…and guess what: Power Point is not the key to success)

Every once in a while (well, let´s say at least once a year) it´s a good idea to send out a save the date e-mail, inviting all your co-workers for a nice get-together to discuss new ideas in a creative environment and catch up – yes, you may have guessed it already, this article is all about the so called WORKSHOP.

Turning a workshop into a successful event often sounds easier as it is, thus the following points may help you with your preparation:

1. Start planning on time: People should build their agenda around the workshop (Hint: This rule may seems obvious, but keep in mind that sticking to a meeting schedule and being on time is interpreted quite differently in some countries.)

2. Choose the correct (strategic) planning modell: Whether your are working on a new business model or just evaluating the current status-quo of your business, it´s highly advisable to give the workshop some structure. Find some inspiration of possible working tools to work with in the following:

  • The good ol´ SWOT analysis: A classic one can always built on and with which most people are familiar with. In case one is planning to give his/her fellow co-workers something to prepare one week prior to the event, a SWOT analysis might be the best way to do so. Quick to prepare, easy to understand and a great introduction to kick-off a workshop.
  • The Business Model Canvas: Often mistaken as being a tool for creating new business models, this canvas offers a variety of possiblities to x-ray your…whatever. Think about using it as tool to review internal process for example, or simply throw a dashboard on the wall, getting an overview of your current (service, solution, risky….) business. Find 14 different ways on how to apply it here.

3.  Give your audience something to look forward to: Put a delightful tool at the end of a workshop in order to transmit the content taught in a fun way – or in other words: Why not turning your Workshop into a pub quiz? The right tool to do so is “Kahoot!” (…and the best thing: It is available for free).

4.  Avoid using a POWER POINT PRESENTATION: In case it is absolutely necessary, please stick to the following: Three standard rules on “How to do a Power Point Presentation” – and why to really follow them

5.  Send out a questionnaire after your workshop: “Survey Monkey” is a nice tool to do so and used very commonly already. Hint: Sending out a more cualitative questionnaire one month after the workshop is considered to be more effective, giving the participants the possiblity to reflect on the topic and keeping it in mind for longer.

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