29 Something Life: The unsexy post

The Top Ten unsexy essentials every twentyninesomething needs


Well first of all: Just because someone needs to say goodbye to his/her twenties, doesn´t mean that your days of stylish sexiness stop here. But, let´s face it – the “Sturm and Drang” period is over. No one wants to suffer from cold feet any longer, which you caught whilst waiting in line to get into your favourite club and wearing your (way too high) high heels and no, drinking bad wine never was and never will be a good idea (…unless you are a fan of terrible headaches).

Ok, to jump right into it: find a list of ten things every twentyninesomething should own, making your daily life easier (btw: feel free to leave a comment on other things that should be added to the list).

1) The perfect sports outfit: Working out is important in order to stay healthy and manage your work-life balance. It even makes more fun if you invest in a proper sports outfit right from the beginning!

2) A 50 SPF lotion for your face: One can´t start early enough with it and UV protection is the most effective way to make people believe that 30 really is the new 20. I can recommend the “Face protect lotion SPF 50” from MAC.

3) Let´s continue the list with a rather unsexy word: Compression socks! Whether you are on an airplane, working in a job where you have to stand a lot (hairstylist, doctor…) or on a roadtrip – this might be the most expensive pair of socks you will have to invest in, but it totally pays off.

4) + 5) Undershirts and boxershorts: Sometime I really wonder how I made it through the early 2000´s, the big era of the “low-rise hip jeans” (a look that simply didn´t go along well with undershirts or boxershorts) without having caught a serious kidney infection.

6) Jar´s and Tupperware: The days of sharing a flat with your roommates are over and so is the post-graduation blues: It´s time to grow up and get your kitchen tidied up!

7) Moisturizer: Moist, moist, moist – and a cream with a SPF (see point 2), is the best way to maintain a healthy skin glow.

8) Wineglasses: You won´t believe it until you experience it by yourself, but a great wine won´t tase as good when drinking it out of the wrong wine glass.

9) Ugg Boots: Some people may consider them as sexy – I would rather call them “cool”, but above all…these are simply the most comfortable and warmest shoes one can imagine and a relief for all the women out there who simply don´t want to walk to work in high heels during wintertime.

10) Birkenstock sandals: The summertime equivalent to the above mentioned and right now even considered as highly fashionable!





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  1. Especially liked the wine glasses: something you would never think of in your 20s! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment. What do you think, did I miss anything on the list?

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