Everything used to be better: The 90´s are back

Everything used to be better
The 90´s are back (…or how to attack the omnipresent Bubble Gum Pop)

I was watching this Batman movie starring George Clooney recently (…not to the end, because ,yes, this is the worst Batman Movie ever), wondering how old that movie must be already – I think I was about ten back then – so doing the math…this is about 20 years ago? Already?

Switching the TV channels to look for something less colourful and more realistic, I came across “The Virgin Suicides” from Sophia Copolla – the one with the great Air soundtrack. Remember? Yes…and guess what, this is already 15 years ago (which is not exactly in the nineties…but it still counts). Still a great soundtrack though…

Coming across these two movies immediately throw me back in the good old nineties era, which – after doing some research – is celebrating a big renaissance right now in so many ways: Slip dresses worn over T-Shirts, choker necklaces and (God knows why…) plateau shoes are celebrating a huge revival and so do our favourite 90´s bands. It seems as if Blur heralded that kind of “new-old-wave” when releasing their latest Studio Album “The Magic Whip” last year, followed this year by Guns n´Roses to announce their big reunion and – last but not least – Garbage make an appearance back on the scene with their album “Strange little birds” (which actually sounds quite fresh –  a little less grumpy though…missing the 1995 Shirley Manson).

I almost gave up hope last year, as new alternative and indie bands somehow seemed to drown in this “let´s-use-old-80s-songs-and-sell-them-as-new-to-the-Generation-Y” bubble-gum-recycle-Pop swamp (Fast Car? Ain´t nobody?), not being strong enough to hit the mainstream and adding a little bit of early 90´s Grunge feeling to the omnipresent wannabe Hipster generation/Chucks and flannel shirt wearers. At least the Red Hot Chili Peppers will give it another try, by releasing their eleventh studio album “the Getaway” later this month, promising some coming-close-to-Californication-esque songs. Radiohead also surprised the music world with a new album (A Moon Shaped Pool) and neither does Beck ever let us down (Wow, released on 01.06.2016 – embracing the big Hip Hop revival as well…).

Long live the 90´s…





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