10 things I loved about living in Sweden

I remember the time in Gothenburg as one of the best year ever in my life. Studying there at the University, together with other students from all over the world and enjoying the Swedish way of life at the same time, definitely added a special experience to my life. In detail, I am mostly refering to the following 10 points:

1. Fika Pausa
…is what the Swedes call a coffee break and an important part of the Swedish lifestyle. Only genuine in combination with a Swedish Cinnamon Bun (Kanelbule) of course.

2. A music lover´s paradise
No need to mention, that Sweden has always been a trusted partner when it comes to releasing great Pop Music (Abba, Ace of Base, Dr. Alban, Roxette…). Especially when you are into Indie and Electronic Music, this country´s daughters and sons (The Cardigans, Little Dragon, Jose Gonzalez, Mando Diao, Sally Shapiro etc.)  set the bar quite high.

3. Alexander Skarsgård lookalikes everywhere you go
Well, what should I say: A lot of Swedish Fellow Students made sure that there was room for some “slight” distraction during the “Theories of Economic Growth” class.

4. The Swedish “Je ne se sais quoi”
For people who are thoroughly convinced that this certain way of style and attitude only belongs to french women, should definitely fly to Sweden. Especially when it comes to setting trends,  Swedes always seem to be a huge step ahead (the man bun and wearing white sneakers together with almost everything was already big there eight years ago…).

5. Fashion, fashion, fashion…
More and more labels are founded each year and are celebrating a huge success in streetfashion and on international runways, such as  the well established ones like Acne Studios, Filippa K, Peak Performance, Nudie Jeans, Twist & Tango etc.

6. Midsommar and Nature at the Doorstep
There is nothing more beautiful than spending your time on an island that lies off the coast of Stockholm or Gothenburg.  When going out, one can literally turn the night into day, as the sun during summer time doesn´t really go down anyway.

7. Vegans, Lactose-Intolerants and Coeliacs Welcome
Back in 2008, some years before this massive “let´s-live-healthier-and-eat-avocado-toast-every-day” hit the mainstream, Quinoa and Chickpeas salad were already omnipresent at most lunch places, making it easy for people with a certain food intolerance or vegans to find a delicious snack.

8. Inte sticka huvudet i sanden
…which means not to bury your head in the sand, especially when it comes to learning their language. Although almost everyone speaks proper English, it´s  nice to learn some Swedish as well.

9. Latte Macchiato Dads
…are men on paternity leave who spend most of their time in coffee places with their kids, having a Latte Macchiato and meeting other dads to talk about which shampoo and oil for their hipster beard would be the most recommendable one. Thanks to several attempts to foster gender equality and a stable social system, this parenting modell is quite common in Sweden.

10. Welcome to Design Heaven
Design sometimes is inseparably connected with unafforadable prices – not so in Sweden! It almost appears to be everyone´s right to arrange one´s flat in a sleekly-designed way and besides IKEA there exist plenty of other stores, making it even for a student affordable to buy a stylish coffee mug.



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