10 reasons why going to Italy is never a fail

The holiday season is on and there is no better place to escape “le train-train quotidien”, than going to Italy for a week or two. Why Bella Italia never gets out of fashion? Find it out here!


1. It all starts after crossing the border
When going to Italy by car,the first thing everyone needs to do is to grab a coffee at a rest stop (which quite often is called “Autogrill”), to make the holiday feeling kick in. It might be still a little bit shabby there (…don´t even get me started on the toilets), but a must-stop on every road trip to Italy (…and yes, it really starts to smell like the beach and the sea after leaving the alps behind).

There is no better song that describes this feeling, than “Autogrill” from the Austrian singer-songwriters “Euroteuro” feat. Ninjare de Angelo.

2. “But this year I am not going to buy another new handbag…”
…is what everyone says before going to Italy. Well, no need to mention this hardly ever happens, given the fact that there are way too many great Italian labels and Outlets placed right next to the “autostrada”.

3. “…and neither do I need another pair of shoes”
Yeah, right 😉

4. You say party, I say Italodisco
Back in the 80s, Italodisco has reached its zenith and also in the late 90s, Italians made sure to entertain us with meaningless but danceworthy songs like Eiffel 65`s  “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” or Gigi D´Agostino´s “Bla, Bla, Bla”. Currently it seems that it got a little bit silent around Italian dance tracks – but who knows, maybe a big comeback is in the starting blocks.

5. Campari has never tasted so good
Hardly anyone drinks as much Campari in the course of a whole year, as during one week of making holidays in Italy. For whatever reasons, it simply doesn´t taste the same back home..

6. Finally the right occasion to wear a giant hat
Italian women do it better: Larger sunglasses, more colourful dresses and an incredible charisma! Finally the right place to wear a large sunhat when strolling along the beach promenade.

7. Taking a break of low-carb…
…has never felt so good. Put your green detox smoothie away and enjoy your Pasta “Cacio e Pepe” and Pizza Capricciosa.

8. A lot of Amore
Flirting with Italians is as easy as falling of a bicycle and in case one is not up to looking for a new partner, there is still the option to fall in love with a new pair of shoes…

9. Moda e Stile
Whether one is looking for some special dresses, shirts, shoes or bags, Italy is the place to be. For whatever reason, those guys really set the bar high when it comes to quality and proper fits.

10. Gelati, Gelati
Ice cream will unavoidably become a part of the Italy week  diet – whether you wanted to or not. But be careful not to spill your “gelato fragola” all over your new tailored suit.





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