Places: Santiago

Twentyninesomething´s personal favorite places in Santiago


After having lived for almost three years in the capital of Chile it´s time for a tribute, dedicating a whole article to my personal favorite places . Where to find cool wine bars, the best sushi and the craziest place in town? Find it out here!

01. Quinoa

Especially for those who enjoy having a long and decent brunch on weekends the “Quinoa” is the number one address. Highly frequent by women, families. vegetarians and expats, it´s almost impossible to get a table , thus be advised to make a reservation on time. Also great for lunch and dinner.

Avenida Luis Pasteur 5393, Vitacura, Santiago de Chile


02. Ambrosía

Creative, timeless and listed as one of the best restaurants in South America: The Ambrosía  is the best address for those who value exceptional quality and creative dishes at a reasonable price. Check out Carolina Bazán´s (the chef!) stand – out dish: Plateada de Wagyu con Puré Cremoso al Gorgonzola y Berenjena Quemada.

Pamplona 78, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile


03. Bocanáriz

In case you are looking for a special Chilean wine, you can be sure to find it at “Bocanáriz”. Most probably one of the best places to have some tapas and wine with your friends.

José Victorino Lastarria 276, Santiago, Chile


04. Naoki

Living close to the pacific ocean has one main advantage: You will always get all sorts of fresh fish and sushi in all variations. Let the chef surprise you – no soy sauce needed!

Avenida Vitacura 3875
, Santiago, Chile


05. Sarita Colonia

The “Church of Love” themed restaurant with all its quirky decór puts some urban vibes to Santiago´s Restaurant scene. Try to get a seat on the rooftop Patio on a warm summer night, sipping one of their outstanding Cocktails.

Sarita Colonia
Loreto 40, Recoleta, Santiago, Chile



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