Why traveling alone is totally worth it

A famous quote of Ralph Waldo Emerson says “Always do what you are afraid to do”. Traveling alone for a couple of weeks (or even months) could be added to the endless list of “things one is afraid to do” for several reasons, but once you give it a chance, it might be life changing or (well, at least…) gives you a lot of time to reflect on your life.

Find a list of reasons that totally speak for traveling on your own for a while in the following:

  1. You can do whatever you want
    You will be able to plan the day according to your interests. Whether it´s about getting up early to visit the Fish Market in Tokyo or spending hours and hours in your favorite museum…finally you can do whatever you want without having to explain yourself all the time.
  2. Learn to rely on yourself
    Traveling alone allows you to make a break whenever you find it necessary, but for sure requires a lot of planning, as you cannot lay back and let someone else do all the work. As you are totally on your own, you will have to learn to plan ahead by thinking things to the end and rely on yourself. You will get lost every once in a while…but this doesn´t necessarily mean, that you wasted your time. In the end you will understand, that you can trust in yourself, without having Prince Charming to come to your assistance all the time.
  3. Take a deep breath and absorb the vibe
    Due to the fact that you are out there on your own, your senses are much sharper compared to traveling with a fellow passenger (…you always have to watch your bags!). A very positive side effect of this circumstance will be, that you absorb the vibe of a city more intensively, helping you to see things you wouldn´t have considered otherwise.
  4. Find back to yourself
    There´s a certain topic on your mind that you are carrying around with you for months now? Go, pack your stuff and jump on the next plane. Traveling alone is the best occasion to think things through and reflect on your past. As you are not influenced by other fellow passengers, you will find time to find back to your inner self, or…
  5. Gather new ideas by talking to fellow passengers
    A positive side effect of traveling alone is to meet new people. Especially those who share the same passion as you do (traveling on your own) have one or the other anecdote to share. Well, of course, not every person you will meet will be able to offer you an interesting story – but for sure some parts will influence you positively…may it be a new idea, a story of failure or simple a recommendation for the coolest place in town.
  6. Finally time to listen to some music…
    …and getting to know new tracks (yes, always make sure to load your battery. Being able to call the police in case of an emergency is the one thing…but not being able to Shazam and discovering new songs can be considered a tragedy on its own).




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