Back to the Future: The pros and cons of traveling with your sibling in your 30s

Dear travel diary,

Yes, it´s been a while. The last time my little sister (a Millenial…) and me (part of the Generation X cohort) went on a trip together to a place far away was – wait a minute – about 16 years ago…together with our parents. I remember the time we spent together as a family and the way SHE drove me crazy every once in a while, after listening to the same song over and over again (…”the Vengabus is coming”, remember?). But guess what: This year we went on a #brosis #qualitytime #weekend to #dublin (yeah, that´s what this instagram generation is calling it…) together and it seems as if some things may never change, don´t they?

  1.  We can still keep listening to music for hours and hours without getting tired at all. “Remember that song?” “Do you already know that track and that artist? You can´t teach an old dog new tricks, but finally I got introduced to that  “Bilderbuch” band and “Mavi Phoenix”…
  2. Talking about our daily life´s challenges is still on the agenda – but on a different level, as we both grow older and able to share our experiences. Thumbs up!
  3. Sleeping until 11 o´clock is more of an exception now in our adult lifes. I remember
    how she woke me up early the next day when I came home after partying – but times change. Sweet revenge: This time I was the one to wake her up before 7 a.m. …
  4. Eating crisps and chocolates after having already brushed ones teeth still adds a little thrill to a quality evening…even in your thirties. Will Mum and Dad ever find out?
  5. No matter what age – the older sibling will always be to one taking care of of the younger one. Punto final.







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