Chill Baby, Chill! – the Classics

Me, 2001, sitting in a coffee place, wondering about life in general, when suddenly they started to play THAT track:  “What was the name of it again…no major mainstream hit song but yet so familiar….aaah it’s on the tip of my tongue…some chill sound track…Oh no, it’s over!” Yes, that were the exact same thoughts every time I was sitting in a coffee house or Cafe-del-mar-esque bar before the breakthrough invention of “Shazam”. What some people simply call “lounge music”, became another, almost obsessive hobby of mine.

Now, 17 years older me, typing What’s App messages in a coffee place, still wondering about life in general, when they suddenly start playing THAT song:  “Dear other coffee house visitors, could you please speak at lower volume – I need to shazam that track RIGHT NOW!” (Yeah…true story!). Interestingly, the majority of the songs that I am rediscovering are still classics from the 90’s, making the following playlist feature artists such as Air, K&D and Thievery Corporation and many more.

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