Guest Article on “World Women in Business”

“Death by Power Point” goes Spanish: It’s a pleasure to annouce that twentyninesomething appeared as a co-author on the recently found blog “”, re-publishing the popular article “the perfect CV” of the column “Death by Power Point” in Spanish. Find the article here!

Are you curious to find out more about Check out their blog and watch out for the interview with WWinB Laura coming up soon on


Find the original article for your reading pleasure below:


Although you are not planning to look for a job, it’s definitely a good idea to update your résumé every once in a while, due to the following simple reasons:

  1. It makes sense to reflect on your past experience occasionally and reconsider what´s still worth mentioning – and what´s not. As we all know, less is more.
  2. We tend to forget things over time (What were the main gains after implementing project XY?), thus writing down some notes of your professional milestones on a regular basis might be a good idea. This kind of information for sure will help you on your “achievements” and “thinks I am proud of” section in your CV.
  3. You will have your résumé ready when needed (updating it usually takes a while). Find some inspiration on Pinterest.

Especially when it comes to CV Design, a lot has happened in the past years. We were told to set up structured, classic CVs in a tabular form in the past, but nowadays résumé follow other rules and this also seems to vary from country to country.  Should I mention my age? Is it ok to write more than three pages? Find some answers in the following::

Should I describe my job and educational experience in detail?
Try to keep it short and simple: Recruiters usually have to read through hundreds of CVs and have to manage their time resources like everyone else. Focus on your career and professional track, making clear what you did in a few, short sentences.

Should I add a photo?
There is a lot of heavy debating going on about whether to include a photo or not. If you are on LinkedIn etc., it only makes sense to add a photo to your CV, as the recruiters will find you anyway. In case you plan to add a photo to your CV, make sure to invest some time to take a professional, but natural looking picture of you.

What if I simply do not mention my age?
Yes, you can do so. But be aware that after doing the math, recruiters are able to make an educated guess anyway.

I didn´t manage to put all my experience on two pages. Should I send my CV anyway?Two pages are more than enough. As mentioned earlier time is a scarce resource for everyone involved in the recruiting process (recruiters, other decision makers and your future boss) and if you are not sure whether to put everything on one page and keep it short and simple, or getting more detailed on your professional achievements, it might be a good option to present your CV in the following way: Providing a short overview about your professional experience on page one and refering to a more detailed description on page two.




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