Electric Ladyland – Playlist

To all of you who just raised an eyebrow when reading this playlist’s name: Yes, you are right, “Electric Ladyland” didn’t just rush into my mind, nor was it created during a brainstorming session. Nope, I have to admit that I kind of borrowed it from Jimi Hendrix, who already named his third and final album just like that (including “All along the Watchtower” and “Voodoo Child (slight return)” among others).

Today’s playlist is dedicated to my favourite female artists in the Electronic genre, presenting a funky potpourri of all time classics (Alison Goldfrapp, Róisín Murphy), electronic bands with prominent female band members (CHVRCHES, Crystal Castles), Scandinavian acts (Little Dragon, Fever Ray), DJane routiniers (Nina Kraviz, Maya Jane Coles) and many more.

Nothing more to add – here’s to you Ladies!

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