Inspiring Women – An Artist’s Portrait

This is the first interview of the new category “Inspiring Woman” on twentyninesomething, aiming to portray successful woman and gaining different insights on how to find new ideas, getting motivated and following ones true passion.

I had the chance to interview Tina Hainschwang for this week, an artist whose most recent artwork can be admired in Salzburg and Vienna this summer. Where Tina took most of her inspiration for her latest artwork from and what she usually answers people who consider being an artist not as a real job? Well, find it out right here, right now.

Copyright Reinhard Winkler
Tina Hainschwang, Photo: Reinhard Winkler

Tina, it’s an honour to speak with you today about your career and your most recent work.

Well, let’s start right away with the first question:

Which song describes you the best?

The song would vary all the time but it would either be a song by Nick Cave, Lana del Rey, Florence and the Machine or Billie Holiday. And of course, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion! ❤

Actually, I found a song that might come close to fit most times: ‘Llorando‘ sung by Rebekah del Rio in ‚Mulholland Drive‘. The song, her voice, her make up, the way she got dressed for the movie and also how David Lynch staged the whole scene – this performance has accompanied me for many years now , still I don’t want to leave out the other artists I mentioned!

When did you first realize that you want to become an artist?

I decided that I wanted to study arts at university during my last year in school, after having ruled out some other possibilities like german and arts history. I briefly thought about studying archeology too but basically I always wanted to study arts and do my own artwork.

What is your most recent work about?

I’m currently working on an installation that’s inspired by spider cocoons although it’s quite abstract. I think this work is about the inspiration I draw from nature but also about material, the different qualities of different working materials and how they look in a certain light. Also, like a lot of my projects, I want to create something that looks attractive but also a bit weird or creepy or grotesque.

You describe your work as “a cosmos of transience and sparkling remnants, tattered glamour with a hint of a domestic kitsch”. Was there a specific event that inspired you for this specific artwork? 

No, no specific event at all. In the text that you are refering to, I talk about my artwork in general. And looking back now I can say that during my time at art university, I found out where I draw my inspirations from and that all of my works revolve around this cosmos I was referring to.

The 1920’s and 1960’s are said to be one of the most glamorous centuries. What makes you consider the past two centuries to be less glamourous (or in other words: What happened to the good old times)?

When talking about the romantic period, I referred to some topics artists and writers back then were emphasising, like the more sinister aspects of life, nightmares, a focus on psychic processes, life and death, the grotesque, nature. I feel drawn towards some of these aspects as an artist too and therefore see similarities in the topics I deal with and artists back then did.

When it comes to glamour, I dont want to refer to a special century or time because I think every period has it‘s own glamour. I totally love vintage glam from the 20th century for example! And when talking about the 60s, I love the TV show ‚The Avengers‘ and the way Mrs. Emma Peel is portrayed. Very cool and very glamorous too!

Rotting Carpet (floor installation); Photo: Reinhard Winkler

Bigger, higher, farther: In our rather business-driven world, people often have issues to understand that being an artist is a real profession. What do you usually answer people who consider being an artist not as a real job?

Luckily, I didn’t really have to do this until now. But some people are actually quite interested when I tell them that I’m an artist. They want to know what kind of artworks I make, if I have exhibitions coming up, if they can look at some pictures of my projects…(When they ask about the financial aspects, sadly  I have to tell them I have to do a part – time job at the moment…)


Whether one works as a lawyer, hairdresser, project manager or park ranger: Occasionally, we all come to a point where we need an extra portion of motivation to get back on the track. How do you usually motivate yourself?

Usually, when I start feeling exhausted or that I just can’t work today, taking off one or two days or working on a different project (usually, I work on more than projects at a time) is enough to regain my energy. Always a big motivation is having an exhibition coming up and you know you‘re working on something that‘s going to be in the show!

In your most recent artwork, you are drawing a comparison to Nick Caves song “Oh my lord” – (So that when you think you’re climbing up, man / In fact you’re climbing down / Into the hollows of glamour / Where with spark and hammer). Did this song influence your current work?

When quoting the Nick Cave song, I was referring to certain feelings this song and the specific lines evoke and that convey a mood I can strongly relate to. And because I think my art is very personal, in some way or another, this mood might also be part of my artistic work. Not a specific artwork, but somehow woven into my art. Just like the fascination with the beauty of decay or horror movies or certain colours.

Where can we see your work?

Till 30th June, I have a solo show at Galerie KG Freiräume in Hallein. The opening hours are Saturday 10:00 to 14:00 and Sunday 16:00 to 18:00.

And from 27th June to 4th July I have some works in a group show with two friends at Kaeshmaesh Vienna. Opening hours are Wednesday and Friday 19:00 to 23:00.

Also, very likely there will be something coming up in Linz this Autumn, so please stay tuned if you’re interested! I’m always posting updates on exhibitions on my Facebook and Instagram account and my homepage as well!

Tina Hainschwang was born 1986 in Salzburg

She studied painting & graphics at Kunstuniversität Linz and graduated in 2017

Tina and twentyninesomething met on her first day of grammar school – both of them wearing Benetton sweaters and not knowing what kind of career to pursue in their 29+ life.


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