Favorite Movie Soundtracks – Playlist



A great summer cinema season is lying ahead of us and as we all know, some movies weren’t the same without an unforgettable original motion picture soundtrack. Reason enough for a short recap of my personal favorite tracks of all time.

Well, one will definitely identify “the usual suspects” within a second (Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, Dirty Dancing…), but some other great tracks on the list played a major role in some memorable key scenes: Greta Gerwig in Francis Ha, being all alone and totally broke in Paris (imagine this situation to be underlined with “Everyone’s a winner” playing in the background), Ryan Gosling’s “Nightcall” drive or the perfect Cornwall summer in “About time” underlined by Groove Armada’s “At the River” (just to name a few…)

Can you guess all the movies related to the playlist below? Leave a post in the comments section and let me know 🙂



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