Places: Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires: It always takes two to tango

Whether one is planning to follow the tracks of Eva Peron, taking some Tango lessons or simply wants to enjoy a great steak, the South American cosmopolitan metropolis Buenos Aires is always worth a visit. 

Known as the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires captivates with lively city districts (e.g. Palermo), unique vintage markets (San Telmo), a nice harbour (Puerto Madero) and a historic cemetery (La Recoleta). A must see on everyone´s trip through South America.

Looking for a great steak? “La Cabrera Sur”, located in the Palermo district, is a great place to enjoy your rib-eye-steak . Although it´s kind of a touristy thing, one should really go there for the happy hour from 7 to 8 p.m.

La Cabrera Sur
Jose Antonio Cabrera 5099, Palermo, Buenos Aires

The nightlife in Buenos Aires is quite remarkable as well, offering a wide range of different bars and clubs to dance the night away. One of the most exciting places is the speakeasy bar “Frank´s Bar”. When going there you will find yourself standing in front of phone booth, where you are asked for a password to enter this secrectly kept place. Check out their Facebook page to find out the password before going there.

Frank´s Bar
Arevalo 1445, Buenos Aires (close to Plaza Serrano, Palermo)

After having danced the night away, it might be a good idea to take a walk in Puerto Madero, having a big cup of coffee and nice brunch. A great place to do so is the iFresh Market restaurant and bakery. Also recomendable for a light dinner or lunch.

i Fresh Market
Bvd. Azucena Villaflor esq Olga Cossettini – Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires

Founded in 1858 and known for being the place-to-be of many great thinkers and VIPs like Eva Peron, the “Café Tortoni” is another quite touristy place to visit. I wasn´t impressed by the coffee, the ham and cheese toast is OK though.

Café Tortoni
Av. de Mayo 825, Buenos Aires

Puerto Madero
i Fresh Market
Café Tortoni










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  1. Friedrich Z. says:

    I can confirm your impressions 100%

    1. Thx for your comment 🙂

  2. Robert H. says:

    It`s always a pleasure to follow your blog .

    You make me feel hopping on the next plane and asap devouring Buenos Aires` atmosphere, .. .and maybe dancing the night away 😉

    1. Great, thx for you comment!

  3. Ah, great memories of this winter break (and a reminder of a post long overdue :)) thanks for taking me back there!

    1. You are welcome:). What did you like about it the most?

  4. About BA? I guess, I enjoyed it as a very livable city. I was coming from Rio and Iguazu falls, both of them breathtaking but not exactly suitable for life. And BA is not that beautiful but then it has amazing life that happens inside, with all the restaurants, bars and shops. I have enjoyed that!

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