Top Ten: Hand-Luggage

Packing does not just bring up the question about what to take with you and looking “chique” in every part of the world (see TOP TEN: Cabin-Sized luggage). Even more important seams to be the question: What not to forget? So please enjoy my TOP TEN list of things to put in your hand-luggage:

Top Ten: Hand-Luggage

  1. Passport (Ooopsi alarm: check before if valid more than 6 Months)
  2. Credit Card and your Maestro Card (Ask your bank if charges on credit card or maestro card withdrawl might be lower in foreign countries)
  3. i-Phone/Smartphone with plenty of music on it & Charger
  4. Headphones (..believe me – forgot them once…that have been the longest 3 hours of my life. Sure, major airlines offer you headphones free of charge, but mostly they are off bad quality, lacking to hide background noises.)Actually the Top Ten List could stop here – in case of any unexpected events (luggage got lost etc.), you will be fine. Anyway…
  5. A cosy sweater (it’s always gettin’ a little bit freezy in airplanes…)
  6. A thin scarf
  7. Wayfarer’s
  8. A second pair of underwear & socks (…in case your luggage got lost)
  9. Comfortable Pants (be prepared-the passenger next to you might be accidently spilling his entire coke over your lap…)
  10. A Bikini & a Soft-Shell Jacket

Bench black jacket

Mango black pants
$50 –

Banana republic socks

Ray Ban ray ban wayfarer

Moschino scarve

Brasiliano Sexy Fancy
$14 –

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