Bon Voyage: 5 Tips and Tricks for your next trip

  1. Choose your seat wisely
    Don’t wait to choose your seat until the on-line check-in  (which is usually possible 48 or 24 hours prior to your flight’s departure) and make your choice in time. A pre-screening of the reservations on a plane makes sense in order to identify seats that will come up to your expectations to the fullest. For example: If you’d wish to have a window seat, look for a row with 3 seats and place your reservation at a row where the aisle seat has already been marked as “occupied”. The probability that someone will choose to sit in the middle is quite low and you will end up having more space between you and your seat neighbor. Works in 9 out of 10 cases…
  2. Drink sufficient water whilst on a plane Make sure to buy a bottle of water before getting on the plane (well, after passing the security checks of course), in order to have enough water within reach on a long-haul flight.
  3. Download offline maps from Google
    Google Maps offers the function to download your next destination’s map in order to have it ready even when you are offline (which will be the case most of the time…). Downloading it at the airport whilst waiting for the boarding to start is not a good option, as the Wi-Fi in waiting areas is usually quite slow. Better to download it already it at home…
  4. Make sure that your passport won’t expire in the next six months
    When traveling to certain countries, it’s a prerequisite to present a passport that is valid for more than 6 months.
  5. Obtain a status match
    When you are in the happy position that you already obtained a certain frequent flyer status, try to ask for a status match with another frequent flyer program (for example matching an Air France Flying Blue “Platinum Status” to a LATAM Pass “Black”.) To get an overview for which programs this already proved to be successful, visit

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  1. Erlend Øye says:

    reading your tips while listen to my kings of convenience record makes me having a good Sunday mood! cheers!

    1. That sounds great, what’s your favourite track?

  2. HERE WeGo is also a great app for offline maps 🙂

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