Dear TwentyNineSomeone,

I always thought that I will never ever turn into those kind of women who answer that they are 29 after turning thirty – until I did.

Leaving those “I-can-go-out-on-Wednesdays-Fridays-and-Saturdays-and-still-wake-up-with-gorgeous-skin” days behind is one thing – but looking forward to all the new experiences that are just lying ahead might be even better.

How to  save my colleagues from “death by power point”? Am I really the type to wear striped shirts and if so – how should I combine it? And why not taking the step to finally living abroad for a couple of years (or at least taking a trip through South America)?

Live is full of questions. Find some answers (or not…) on TwentyNineSomething.com




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  1. stoneandsoup says:

    HAHAHAHAHA, just wait until you get to 39+……#nothingelseatall #IswearIwillstophere.

    Nice blog. 😉

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