Playlist | Quarantunes

Is there a time for keeping your distance?
A time to turn your eyes away?
Is there a time for keeping your head down?
For getting on with your day?
Is there a time for kohl and lipstick?
A time for curling hair?
Is there a time for high street shopping?
To find the right dress to wear?

(“Miss Sarajevo”, written by


This exceptional situation we are currently experiencing is something to worry about and it is totally OK to feel sad and angry. My personal credo right now is to keep things working as usual as possible, but I kept wondering: Is it the right time for putting together a playlist given the recent tragic developments?

Well, as explained in my most recent blogpost about how to deal with change, I came to the conclusion that even during times of sorrow, worries and threats, it is important to focus on the things that are important to oneself and – surprise, surprise – music is among them.

The Quarantunes playlist is composed of tracks, that are referring to the rather obvious and surreal circumstances that currently constitute our daily life’s (“Don’t stand so close to me”, “Living in a Box”), as well as cheerful tunes that should brighten up our day (a new track by Lady Gaga, “Work from home”) and songs that people in the affected countries are listening to, aiming to express their solidarity.

A Spanish friend of mine told me about this song called “Tusa” by Nicky Minaj, Karol G.

“In the area in Spain where I live, we go to the windows of our houses around 8 p.m. to applaud the doctors and other people working “outside”, being exposed to CoVid 19 on a daily basis. You can always hear someone shouting from a window: Play Tusa!”, she told me on the phone.

Reason enough to put this Reggaeton song on the list as well:






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