10 typical things about living in Chile

Pisco, Palta, Wine and Reggaeton – Living in Chile for a while is not just about experiencing good food and great wine …sometimes one even has the possiblity to travel back in time.
1. Thursday is the new Friday – “El Juernes”
“Tum-da-dum-da, Tum-da-dum-da…”, is the typical Reggaeton beat one can usually hear in every urban neighbourhood coming from numerous balconies on a Thursday evening. Other than in many European countries no one is complaining about it, as it is simply normal…
2. Pisco
What Wodka is to Russian people, Pisco is to Chileans and Peruvians. If you really want to start a heaty debate with Chileans, than it will be about the origin and best quality of Pisco (It´s said that Peruvian Pisco is the genuine and better one…but be advised not to mention that in public).
3. Palta
Never heard of it before? No worries, you are not the only one. “Palta” is known as “Avocado” to the rest of the world and the quintessence of almost every local dish in Chile. It is one of the first words you probably will (or let´s rather say “have to”) learn. For people who like avocado, this totally is the place to be, as you will find every kind of it at a reasonable quality in a supermarket. Someone who is not so much into or even reacts allergic to it will have a hard time…
4. Traveling back in time
Have you ever wondered what some of your favourite 70´s and 80´s Popstars are doing right now? Well, you will most probably find the opportunity to see them live in Santiago. Turns out that a lot of former music acts end up giving concerts here. Well, why not jumping on the opportunity to finally meet Rick Astley, Olivia Newton John or KC and the Sunshine Band?
5. Thunderstorms and lightening are considered to be more frightening to Chileans than earthquakes

– and yes, earthquakes are way more common…

6. What´s App: Everywhere and all the time
In Chile it´s quite common that the famous Messenger service “What´s App” is used for any kind of communication, even for business reasons. This somehow led to the unwritten rule that giving someone a direct call appears to be something very offensive. But reaching out to someone on a holiday or Sunday by writing a short message is totally fine…
7. Shakira, Arturo and Gisele – the number one testimonials
Whether they are trying to sell you toothpaste, a mobile phone, clothes or shampoo – those three are everywhere (well, Sofia Vergara and Alexis Sanchez of course too…)
8. Chile´s National Holiday seems to be more important than Christmas and Easter
Celebrating their National Holidays “Fiestas Patrias” for at least two days in a row and drinking a strange drink called “Terremoto” – which somehow is a deadly cocktail made of a special type of Cider (Pipeno) and Pineapple Ice Cream – is the most important event of the whole year (…well, despite of their national soccer team winning the Copa America of course.)
9. Red Wine
No doubt about it: Chilean wine is definitely one of the best wines in the world (read more about it here), especially when considering the price/performance ratio.
10. Whether you wanted to or not: You will become a Reggaeton expert
Nicky Jam? Daddy Yankee? Wisin? Romeo Santos? Yes right, these are the names one will unavoidably come across when living South America. It might not be as popular as in the Northern part of South America, but nevertheless, the repetitive “Tum-da-dum-da, Tum-da-dum-da” beat is omnipresent…

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